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April-June, 2010

Note de Motel
Collective exhibition Motelisation at the Foreman art Gallery of Bishop's University.
Curator: Geneviève Chevalier
Exhibition: April 21 to June 19
Online project: Note de Motel
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«In Note de motel, Andrée Anne Vien dwells on the experience of clients who frequent Motel Lennoxville and whom she asked to fill out a questionnaire. Vien's work inhabits spaces not usually reserved for the dissemination of art— like the selection of restaurants she invested for "Lieux invisibles," a project presented at Dare-Dare in 2008, or the Latino Andes supermarket in Montreal for Caminando, in 2006. For Note de motel, she has fashioned accessories that one finds in motel rooms—curtains, place mat, cushions—on which she printed snippets of stories. Placed in the rooms or installed in Motel Lennoxville's windows, these items are visible both to clients and to those visitors willing to take a closer look. The artist also "hacked" the family- business' website to bend its interactive tour to her purposes.»
Geneviève Chevalier, curator


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